The show

At this moment WB Evenementen is organiser of many fairs with the combination of dollshouses, miniatures, teddy bears and dolls. Now for the second time a show with teddy bears and cuddly toys only will be organized. For every visitor - collectors, teddy bear afficionates and bearmakers - Teddy Holland will be very interesting. WB Evenementen expects that this time around 50 participants will join this show such as dealers, artists, producers and suppliers.

Dealers and artists will offer their teddybears and cuddly toys like modern and antique collectors items, unique specimens or limited editions. On this show no wholesalers and Teddybears manufacturers will attend because the participants will offer the same products.

Especially for bearmakers, many dealers and suppliers will offer materials, tools and accessories. A wide range of items for bearmaking will be available at this show like kits, patterns, fabrics like mohair, alpaca, viscose and others, teddybear clothing and much more.